About Us

O-Biz Cuisine is a special Nigerian/West African home-style restaurant with the aim of bringing authentic, quality Nigerian food to you just as it is back home. From native dishes to traditional entrees, O-Biz Cuisine aims to satisfy your desire to indulge in “the ultimate Nigerian food experience”.

Obinna Kalu, the CEO/Founder of O-Biz Cuisine had a vision to someday start his very own restaurant business. Since childhood, Obinna would often watch his mom cook meals for the family. He learned to cook at a very young age and has since loved to cook and his passion for cooking is what has prompted him to bring quality homemade Nigerian food to his area and beyond. With his welcoming nature, inviting atmosphere, impeccable service, and his delicious meals, Obinna’s mission is to ensure that you leave his establishment feeling completely satisfied and that you enjoy your meal.

O-Biz Cuisine was started in Obinna’s very own kitchen in Randolph, Massachusetts. It is here, in his apartment that he would create and prepare meals that delight all who try them. Obinna prides himself on always using the freshest ingredients and serving the best made-to-order meals at all times. Quality is first and foremost at O-Biz Cuisine.
Opened in 2018, O-Biz Cuisine has quickly made a strong impact in an area where authentic Nigerian food was lacking. Since it’s inception, O-Biz Cuisine has made its mark, not only in the Nigerian community, but amongst other cultures as well, who have fallen in love with each and every dish. O-Biz Cuisine is quickly growing and it is forecasted that O-Biz will surpass all expectations for success, even our own. Give O-Biz Cuisine a try and we promise you will keep coming back!